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Provide best quality healthcare for you

  • Therapy From Experienced doctor
    Our Work experience makes your therapy painless.
  • Only use friendly environment
    Friendly Atmosphere with patients works as medicine.
  • Affordable monthly premium packages
    We care for people in pain, so have package for every budget.

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Make an appoinment

Choose your convenient time within our timeslots. We are punctual, We know delay cause pain to other patients.

Choose your package

We care people in pain, So we have different package for different patient according to their therapy duration.

Get diagnostic report

Diagnostic Report helps in detecting the cause & its level behind your pain, which makes your therapy more effective.

Help by specialist

On the basis of Discussion & Diagnostic Reports, Our Experts select therapies for your tratment to free you from pain.

Got Emergency Treatment? Rehabilitate Now!

Stroke Treatment, Orthopaedic Surgery survive you, Afterthat Therapy is needed to Normal Life.

What We Cures!
Post Viral Pain

Stiffness caused by Viral Infection like Chikanguniya.


Neurological Diseases Like Paralysis, Sciatica.

Cerebral Palsy

Delay in child development & congenital disease.

Cervical stenosis

Neck's protective spinal canal gets narrows.

Waist & Neck Pain

Slipped Disk, Cervical Can cause paralysis .

Sports Injury

Sprain or Strain generated during Sports.

Our Therpaies

We Use Exercise Based Therapy as well Electrotherapeutic Modalities

We Worked For

Physio for U has given Physiotherapy services in several Hospitals.